About Us - Legacy Lending Partners

our vision

Legacy Lending Partners is a commercial real estate lending agency focused to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. Focused on providing advisory services, funding, acquisition and exit strategies of small, mid-sized, and large companies by leveraging our unique resources of banks, government programs, private equity and large partner network. Legacy Lending Partners was created by two experienced entrepreneurs that understand the the world of business and the complexities involved in the finance industry. This ability to bring these two worlds together, provides clients a strategic insight in accomplishing their business goals with confidence.

Meet the Founders


Over 45 years of entrepreneurship and over 25 years of commercial financing experience with an in depth knowledge in lending programs for hotels, motels, retail, real estate, franchises, gas stations, liquor stores, manufacturing and multi-unit properties. Contacts and a network that expands nationwide. A public relations genius and a trailblazer in the Indian business community. An active Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA) member and a Chicago-land entrepreneur LEGEND with a desire to help others with business solutions that can range from simple to complicated levels. Has helped business owners from acquiring their 1st business to expanding their portfolio, and BUILDING A LEGACY for generations to come.


Over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience that ranges from business operations, strategical planning, team leadership, sales and marketing, and business transformation. Currently owns hotels, motels, real estate, business's in the food and beverage industry, and the health & wellness space. A passion for business coaching, encouraging others to invest in themselves, and leaving a LEGENDARY IMPACT in their craft and society. An entrepreneur that believes in finding your calling and building your life around that mission.